PlayPool.net works with just about any kind of billiard league. Our two main league formats (Race2SSkill® and Head2Head®) support most leagues out there - and can be customized so that your league will fit in perfectly.

Our core system provides basic tools for setting up, scheduling, and scoring any league.

Advanced tools are available for handicapping and scoring leagues playing 8-ball and 9-ball.

Wondering how PlayPool.net can work with your league? Just ask!



Classic match-based format where players race to win the number of racks defined by their skill level (usually between 2 and 8 but completely customizable). Multiple scoring options are available, including rack average, game average, points-for, and StrengthOfWin®.


Classic round-robin approach – commonly referred to as 3×3, 4×4, etc – where each player from one team plays a rack against each player from the other team. Multiple scoring options are available, and the points configuration is completely customizable.

Custom LeagueS

Some leagues don’t fit exactly into Race2Skill or Head2Head formats. No problem! Use your own scoresheet layout, capture stats, and use all the PlayPool.net tools to manage your league.